HUBERT – Link UP Volunteer

Hubert has been a volunteer with our Link Up service for over 3 years. He is 79 years old, was born in Austria and came to England in 1963. Hubert won Link Up Volunteer of the year at the 2017 TPT Volunteer Awards.

Hubert started off as a Link up volunteer supporting people on a one to one basis, helping them to get wherever they want to go, commenting on and describing the surroundings and whatever we are doing. Hubert has helped service users with mobility issues, all over London participating in a range of outings including his volunteering highlight - a tandem ride on the side streets of south London, which was quite an experience!

 Now he also helps out with our group activities taking place across London. Hubert was inspired to volunteer after his wife sadly died, he was her carer for some years and felt that he should carry on volunteering, where there is a need. Hubert also volunteers because now he is retired he has time to spare. He first volunteered back in 1966 at the football world cup in 1966 and has continued to do so wherever help is needed.

“I would just like to say, that I get great satisfaction for myself by meeting people and doing things which I normally might not do. They are doing as much for me as I might do for them” says Hubert of his volunteering experiences.