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Sport and leisure

Losing your sight shouldn’t mean you have to give up sport, leisure or hobbies. Check out the advice and resources below to help you continue doing what you love.


Metro Blind Sport

Metro Blind Sport has a 40-year plus record of supporting people to continue being active while living with sight loss. Metro Blind Sport organises a full programme of activities taking place across London, including: Swimming, bowling, football, cricket, rock climbing, athletics, and goalball.  Metro also help organisations that provide sport and leisure opportunities to provide the best possible service they can to people with sight loss.


Aquabats is a London based group who have a year-round programme of guided walks, boat trips, social events, and outdoor swimming.


The RNIB has an online shop containing a range of equipment   designed to support sports and leisure activities. You can buy audible footballs, tactile board games and equipment designed to help your complete DIY tasks. For more advice on RNIB’s specialist equipment call 0303 1239999 or email

Sport and leisure

Managing Sight Loss course attendees suggested ways of continuing hobbies and leisure activities. We have listed a few of their tips here:

Useful links

Metro Blind Sport Website

Metro Blind Sport Audio Exercise Programme

British Blind Sport Exercise Programmes

Acoustic rifle shooting

Vision Impaired bowls (South London)

Canoeing and kayaking

Bromley Canoe Club

London Blind Rambling

Archery London


Yoga (audio led)

For something, a little more social or cultural

Vocaleyes: Experience art and culture through audio description. Bringing theatre, museums, galleries and heritage sites to life for blind and visually impaired people.


For green fingers check out

And check out the Managing Sight Loss: Gardening without sight  resource.

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