Two middle aged white women crossing a busy road at a controlled crossing. Both are holding mobility canes, the woman the right is using a red and white cane indicating hearing and sight impairment.

Getting around confidently and safely

Your rehab worker from your local sensory team can provide you with practical advice on moving around safely and independently both at home and outdoors. If you join a Managing Sight Loss session, we will explore some of the techniques people with sight loss develop to move around both at home and in the community. Below you can find tips shared at our groups and discussions.

At home

In the community

White mobility canes and walking sticks come in all shapes and sizes, so it is best to get some help choosing the right one. You don’t have to use a cane, but it’s a really good way of letting people know you may need some assistance and if needed can help you find steps and kerbs.

It can be difficult to use a white cane for the first time. It’s useful to talk to other cane users to find out how they first felt going out with a cane and how useful it has been to them.


You can ask Siri, Google assist or Bixby “where am I” and they’ll tell you roughly where you are standing. Humanware and other providers have specialist equipment, which allows you to follow routes using GPS. Equally the map features on your smart phone can perform this function. Take a look at the VitalTech website to find equipment that’s designed to help blind and partially sighted people get around


Be my Eyes

This app links you to a volunteer who utilises your phones camera to tell you what is around you. This app is free and is available for both android and Apple phones.

Seeing AI

Uses artificial intelligence to tell you what’s around you, to read text and documents. It is also free. Find out more

Super Sense

Uses artificial intelligence to tell you what around you, with some phone has the capability to detect people and depth free with paid for add ons. Find out more

UK bus tracker

Tells you what bus is approaching, and how long you will have to wait. Free. Read here for more


Provides accessible travel information on the TFL networks including alternative walking routes. Free. Find out more


Lazarillo guides users through their city and building environments and connects users with businesses through accessible online shopping and notification services. It can then utilise GPS to navigate routes. Free  Click here for more


Uses artificial intelligence to tell you what’s around you. Now available as smart glasses. Click here for more


Uses artificial intelligence to tell you what’s close to you Find out more


Please note this is only a small selection of apps and technology designed to assist people to mover around who are blind or partially sighted. For more information, visit

Concessions and services

If you are blind or partially sighted and live in London, you can apply to your local authority for a Freedom Pass. This  allows you to travel for free across the capital. Please check terms and conditions of issue.


Reduced taxi costs for people with disability who meet the criteria

Blue parking badge

You can apply for a disabled persons parking permit if you are registered severely sight impaired (blind). If you are registered sight impaired (partially sighted) you will have to fulfil the medical criteria apply via your borough.

Dial a ride

A small bus which completes bespoke journeys for people who cannot use public transport due to their disability.

TFL Turn Up and Go

At any station with staff in the London area you can ask for assistance at the barrier you will be guided to your train, met at connections and guided from platform to exit by TFL staff. Some restrictions may be in place due to COVID health and safety.

National rail disabled assistance

National Rail has recently introduced Passenger Assistance by Transreport – a new app which allows you to request assistance via an internet-enabled smartphone. It will then send you a confirmation email once your request has been checked and confirmed. You can find out more about the app on this page. You can also ring to book assistance. Read more

TFL travel mentor scheme

TFL travel mentors are available to support passengers gain their confidence on the transport system. Find out more

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