Three friends sat on a bench by a wall, drinking takeaway coffee. The woman on the left is white, with black hair, and she is laughing. The man in the middle is south Asian and wearing a baseball cap. His mobility cane is tucked under his arm. The woman on the right has brown hair, is wearing glasses and smiling at her friends.

Let's Talk

London Vision is committed to ensuring that blind and partially sighted people living, working, and studying in London have access to the information, skills and support they need to live fulfilled and independent lives. London Vision’s Let’s Talk programme groups offer holistic support to blind and partially sighted people through informal talking groups. These groups are based around a range of themes, and are designed to encourage resilience, and wellbeing.

Themes explored in London Vision’s groups

  1. Understanding your eye condition
  2. Making the best use of your sight
  3. Having someone to talk to
  4. Your health and wellbeing
  5. Managing at home
  6. Getting out and about
  7. Your finances and planning for the future
  8. Work, learning and having your say

Feedback on London Vision’s support groups

Attendees of London Vision’s support groups have said:

Support groups are: “Some of the most important kinds of therapy that you can get, relating to and talking to people going through the same things.”

“Knowing the [CBS support] group is coming up is so helpful. It’s an important part of the healing”

“The group takes away the feeling of loneliness, and you learn every time you go”

Get in touch with the team at London Vision for more information about support groups on or 0203 761 3651