Vision Confident

London Vision is committed to ensuring that blind and partially sighted people have access to the information, skills and support they need to live fulfilled and independent lives.


It is also crucial that those supporting people living with sight loss in London have access to information, support, and advice. That is why London Vision is launching Vision Confident in spring 2022.


Vision Confident is a mix of one-to-one support, group sessions and information sharing. Most importantly, Vision Confident is an opportunity to learn from and connect with other blind and partially sighted people in London.

Bald white man with light coloured hair sat with a white woman with blonde hair on a park bench. The bald man has a white mobility cane resting against his shoulder

We are building on success

London Vision has an excellent track record of providing information and support to blind and partially sighted people throughout the pandemic via Zoom and the telephone.

More than three hundred blind and partially sighted people, along with sight loss professionals, have engaged with and requested support and information from London Vision. The main source of information has been the Managing Sight Loss course.

This information provided on this course has ranged from how to become registered with your local authority to how to identify weeds in your garden with little or no sight.

Importantly, Managing Sight Loss sessions allowed attendees to share their ideas and learn from one another. Recognising that being blind or partially sighted can be stressful and a new diagnosis of sight loss can have an emotional impact, sessions focused on mental wellbeing and resilience.

It is London Vision’s long-term plan to bring these successful Managing Sight Loss sessions into the wider community. London Vision will do this by working with partners and specialists to ensure the highest quality of support and information.

Vision Confident in the community

Initially the London Vision focus will be on two London boroughs: Greenwich and Newham. Over the next 12 months a full programme of events will be finalised. London Vision will be hosting a series of Vision Confident courses and sessions, including:

  • In person Managing Sight Loss courses, which are either one-day or two-day. These courses cover the content addressed in the virtual Managing Sight Loss courses. The course will tell you everything you need to know to navigate services for blind and partially sighted people. The course explores technology, gardening, cooking and much more. The course also focusses on resilience and wellbeing.
  • Let’s Talk’, an exploration of resilience and mental wellbeing. These sessions are designed to enable and empower attendees. They are an opportunity to share techniques of dealing with the positives and frustrations of daily life.
  • ‘In the Kitchen’ an exploration of cooking and practical ways to eat healthily when you are blind or partially sighted.
  • ‘Stay connected’, a focus on assistive technology.
  • ‘Always active’ how to stay active in your local community.
Three men (two white, one South Asian) walking with their mobility canes walking through a shopping centre

One to one

London Vision’s team members will be available in Greenwich and Newham to assist you with your assistive technology.

Meeting and greeting

The London Vision team will be on hand to meet and greet you at local transport stops. The team can also help you plan your journey

London Vision online

London Vision runs events and sessions online most weeks, from information and advice to practical support with assistive technology. All London Vision’s sessions are relaxed friendly and informal. The London Vision Team will help you learn how to join a session.


Most London Vision activities will be free of charge. There may be small charges to cover costs of venue hire or expert session leaders.  It is important to London Vision that you come along so if you are unable to afford a session let the team know in confidence as fees may be waived or reduced.