Our vision and values

London is a city of nearly 9 million people, approximately 208,000 of whom are affected by blindness, partial sight or low vision - equivalent to the average population of a London borough. This figure is set to rise as London grows and the population ages.

London is a fast moving and vibrant capital city providing huge benefits and opportunities. We want to ensure that blind and partially sighted people are able to take advantage of these opportunities in the same way as anyone else. This means promoting an agenda of engagement, participation, equality, inclusivity and diversity.

London Vision is the only London wide sight loss charity built on the lived experience of blind and partially sighted people and those who are losing their sight. This gives us a unique perspective and informs everything that we do.

Supported by national sight loss charity Thomas Pocklington Trust, our vision, mission and goals are as follows:


A society and a capital city where blind and partially sighted people can participate fully.


To make London more equal and inclusive so that people who are blind and partially sighted can take advantage of all that the UK’s capital city has to offer.

Strategic Aims

  • Start a new conversation through increased understanding and challenging assumptions about what it means to have sight loss in London
  • Promote participation and leadership by blind and partially sighted people in all aspects of life in London
  • Work to bridge the gap to tackle inequalities faced by blind and partially sighted people in London

London Vision is supported by Thomas Pocklington Trust

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