Our vision

Our vision is that blind and partially sighted people are an equal part of the London community.

Our values

Collaboration and Partnership: We work with all stakeholders in the spirit of collaboration towards the achievement of our shared aims and objectives.

Person Centred: We place the needs of those we seek to serve at the centre of everything we do.

Self Help and Networks: We support an approach based on self help and the sharing of information and expertise through our valuable networks.

Diversity: We embrace London’s highly diverse populations who enhance our work by helping to shape our future approach and services.

Our objectives

Ensure sight loss is not a defining factor for equality of access and opportunity in London.

Increased awareness and a raised profile of the challenges faced by blind and partially sighted people in everyday life so as to drive change and deliver improvements for all.

Blind and partially sighted people in London are better networked and have greater access to peer support that encourages, inspires and informs. 

To improve understanding about the impact of sight loss and change the conversation about blind and partially sighted people's everyday lives in London.