Joining a Living Well with Sight Loss Course is a great opportunity to boost your confidence, giving you the opportunity to meet and share your experiences with others in a similar situation. You will learn about practical solutions and support that can help you adjust to life with sight loss. You will also be able learn from each other's personal experiences and be able to exchange top tips. Living Well with Sight Loss Courses are for people experiencing sight loss, but also for their family and friends. 

Each course is packed with information

Our courses are informal, relaxed and welcoming. We will provide advice and information about a variety of topics, including those listed below. Click on each topic to find out more:

Benefits of being registered as sight impaired or Severely Sight Impaired

Sources of support, advice and information

Benefits of using technology

Life hacks - medication

Looking good, feeling good

Keep it clean - cleaning tips

You can also read this blog to learn about the impact attending a Living Well with Sight Loss Course can have. 

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