Mindful Visual Awareness

During lockdown, lots of us might be tempted to try practising mindfulness to help with anxiety and the strain of being confined to our houses. Dr Beverley Duguid formerly worked for London Vision, and has developed a course of mindfulness that is inclusive for blind and partially sighted participants.

Hear more from Beverley below:

Hi, my name is Beverley, I’ve used mindfulness for a number of years after being diagnosed with glaucoma and suffering with anxiety. For some time, I have wanted to develop something for other visually impaired people based around this topic. I am happy to say I have created Mindful Visual Awareness to ensure that mindfulness practice remains inclusive to us, and more! In the coming weeks I will be making sure I put together words of comfort and inspiration for you to listen to and a three-part free guided meditation for you all to take part in. To find out when these will be coming out please join my mailing list. In the meantime, I have put together a page of organisations offering online mindfulness courses, so important during this stressful time. Some organisations are inclusive of blind and partially sighted participants.

Visit Beverley’s site and try her 3 minute guided meditation here.

Monday 30 March