Managing Sight Loss

Being told you have sight loss can be scary and confusing for both you and your friends and family. But talking to people in a similar situation can really help. London Vision hosts Managing Sight Loss sessions both over the telephone, computer and in face-to-face groups to help people who are adjusting to life with sight loss.

The content of these sessions explains where to get help and advice, how to contact your local sensory team and how to explore simple solutions to everyday living with sight loss. The sessions also address the benefits of being registered as blind or partially sighted, introduce you to assistive technology and advise on how to get out and about with confidence. Most importantly, the sessions are an opportunity to hear from you and other participants, as well as any friends and family you would like to join. 

Three people sat around a round table, photographed from above. There is a black guide dog lying on the floor next to the table in the lower part of the frame.

Managing Sight Loss sessions

All the sessions are informal and can be followed up with a phone call to answer any additional questions on request. Visit this page to learn more about specific areas covered. A recent participant on the Managing Sight Loss course has written about his experience of it – you can read his blog here.

Upcoming sessions

If you would more information or to attend a session, get in contact on: 0203 761 3651 or

Details of the sessions are below: 

Date and time Content covered 
22 July 6pm – 7.30pm Advanced assistive technology
23 July 1pm – 2pm Assistive Technology lunchtime drop in
26 July 6pm – 7.30pm Shopping and dining out
27 July 6pm – 7.30pm Making the most of your vision
30 July 1pm – 2pm  Assistive Technology lunchtime drop in