LAUREN – Events & Link UP Volunteer

Lauren, works full time in Fashion Production for film and photography campaigns. Lauren won Events Volunteer of the Year in 2017 for her contribution to our services.

Since starting as an Events volunteer in October 2016, Lauren has been involved in various activities from walks in parks and woods to gallery exhibitions, bowling and circus exercises! She also participates as a Link Up volunteer, as this service has been requested by many of the groups she has met.

Lauren finds the role rewarding, that such a small amount of her time to help on these activities can make such a difference to someone’s day and social confidence. She tries to give as much of her free time as possible, despite working full time.

Lauren says she volunteers for London Vision “because it is honestly so much fun” and she really enjoys meeting people, who she would not meet within my social circle or through work. 

When describing her volunteering highlight she said. “Being nominated for a volunteer award was truly special and so so kind of the group. They are such an inspiration.”