Community Engagement Programme

At London Vision, we are here to help you with your eye health and sight loss. Not everyone has access to the internet or can find information online. We know that information about your eye health or sight loss can be hard to accept or understand. Sometimes this is due to the language or terminology used.

London Vision’s Community Engagement Programme is here for you. We can attend your place of worship, community centre, or luncheon club. We will come and share advice, resources and tell you about the services available to help you manage.

We can talk in a variety of languages at a place convenient to you and your community members. We can help answer your questions by experts and professionals. London Vision’s team can support you with a variety of services and resources. This includes technology, managing your low vision or sight loss, and dealing with everyday tasks – plus much more!

Many eye conditions causing blindness can be avoided and you can prevent sight loss when you take eye health action early.

We want to help by sharing these messages early so that some people can save their sight.

We can talk about a variety of topics such as:
  • Dry eyes,
  • Cataract,
  • Glaucoma,
  • Macular Degeneration,
  • Diabetes,
  • Diabetic Retinopathy,
  • Looking after your eyes,
  • Diet and nutrition,
  • Mental health and wellbeing,
  • Practical tips and equipment,
  • Technology,
  • Who is eligible for a free eye test or home visit and
  • Why it is important to get your eyes tested often.

Please do get in touch with us to find out more.

Asian woman in a light coloured and patterned hijab, reading braille

Our Engagement Manager, Bhavini Makwana, is registered as blind and lives with Retinitis Pigmentosa. She understands cultural barriers and attitudes to being blind. She has been dealing with these attitudes from her own community, as well as others.

She is a blind wife and mother, and she also works full time for London Vision. Bhavini knows that being blind should not stop people from achieving their ambitions.

She can share how she attends family and community events, and help you make your cultural events accessible.

Feel free to ask Bhavini and others in her situation questions or to hear their stories.



Bhavini Makwana, a South Asian woman wearing a red and gold saree, holding the leash of her black guide dog. She is stood in front of a wall of flowers in celebration of Diwali.

Call or email London Vision to book a talk or presentation for free.

Let’s talk about sight loss and eye health and where possible, save sight.

Get in touch with Bhavini Makwana on

Call London Vision on 0203 761 3651.

Three women stood talking to each other

Download the Community Engagement Programme leaflet

Community Engagement Programme leaflet