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  • Awareness Days

    Which inbuilt accessibility features are better: iPhone or Android?

    In time for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we've reviewed the inbuilt accessibility features of Android and iPhone smartphones.

  • Technology

    Purple Tuesday and the WelcoMe App

  • Technology

    Is braille being usurped in the fast-paced technological world?

  • Technology

    Tech Sessions with London Vision

  • Accessibility

    Anker Lightning cables for iPhone

    Graham Page reviews Anker Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad, including advice on where to purchase these cables for the best price.

  • Technology

    Hurtling into the future at 10mph with Blind Veterans’ autonomous vehicle

    We travelled to Brighton to visit Blind Veterans and try out their autonomous self-driving vehicle - named Arthur!

  • Accessibility

    The Sunu Band, so near sonar

    Chris Jenkins reviews the Sunu Band, an intelligent mobility aid designed to help improve navigation for blind and partially sighted people.

  • Networks

    VI Student Network meets Sight and Sound Technology