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Transport for London spending review consultation

London Vision is keen to engage with blind and partially sighted people who either live in the capital or travel into London for work or studying, on a range of topics relating to transport.

Transport for London is auditing services and resources after a spending review from the Government. London Vision has been taking part in ongoing consultations with TfL, working to influence decisions and advocate for blind and partially sighted Londoners, but the input of people with lived experience of sight loss and blindness in the capital is crucial. London Vision invites feedback on the following questions, to help ensure the views of blind and partially sighted people living in London are represented in these consultations with TfL and other transport providers.

1. What mode of public transport did you use most frequently before the pandemic? Feel free to explain your reasons.

2. Which mode of transport do you use most frequently now? Feel free to explain your reasons.

3. In terms of accessibility, what kinds of journeys on the London network do you find easiest to complete and why?
What journeys do you find least accessible?

4. If you could suggest one improvement to the transport network, what would it be?

5. What are your views on Crossrail?

6. What are your views on the current pricing of tickets for the transport network, where a Freedom pass does not apply.

7. What does accessibility mean to you? Please write as many responses as you like.

8. Is there anything else you would like to mention in relation to transport, for example: buses, streets, etc.?

Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable views. Please email your responses to 

If you would prefer to go through this survey over the phone, please contact 020 3761 3651
Your responses will remain anonymous.

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