Building communities and connections

London Vision is a small dynamic charity with a mission to make London a better place for blind and partially sighted people. London Vision enjoys close working relationships with many other sight loss charities and has a proven track record in campaigning and delivering services.

London’s blind and partially sighted community is supported by a fantastic number of small groups and charities offering a wide range of support. These groups tackle big issues such as social isolation, provide essential local information and links to services. Most importantly the groups provide blind and partially sighted people the opportunity to meet and share their experiences of living with sight loss.

If you are thinking of setting up a local group for blind and partially sighted people or are involved in an existing group, London Vision can use its expertise to support you. Below you can find details of the types of support we can offer.

Can we help your group

We want to support small vision impaired community groups (LVIC) who share our passion and values by working towards making London a better place for blind and partially sighted people. You don’t have to be a registered charity, or formerly constituted, but we do expect a high level of integrity from the organisations we work with.

Our offer

We would like to use the London Vision team’s skills and passion to:

What we can’t do

London Vision is not a grant funder and so we cannot provide any direct funding.

More information

For further information or to discuss our offer, then please do get in touch on 

Three people sat around a round table, photographed from above. There is a black guide dog lying on the floor next to the table in the lower part of the frame.