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Managing Sight Loss: Renu’s perspective

Hi, Renu here again with yet another blog for London Vision.

In this piece I will be sharing my experience of the Managing Sight Loss sessions as a virtual intern. I started attending MSL sessions pretty much from day one of joining London Vision as an intern and I must say that it is a totally different experience when you attend as part of the organisation as opposed to a normal attendee.

What I’ve learnt from the sessions

I have learnt so much from the sessions, particularly from the wonderful members that attend. The best thing is learning about members’ experiences, about how they manage their daily living needs, and I have used some tips and tricks from the sessions myself.

For example, one member recommended using a Breville one cup water dispenser appliance which dispenses hot water for tea and coffee. I then ordered one for myself and a friend and we both found this very useful especially as blind and partially sighted individuals. Another useful tip shared in the sessions was using rubber bands on toiletries in the bathroom to distinguish between same or similar shaped bottles.

Hosting Managing Sight Loss sessions

I have thoroughly enjoyed co-hosting and delivering Zoom sessions and interacting with London Vision members, it is truly rewarding sharing vital information. So far, I’ve hosted the All things TV session, and co-hosted the Online Shopping session with Graham Page from Thomas Pocklington Trust. Both were well attended, and you can find more information about what we covered in the sessions on this page.

Another thing that I really enjoy about the sessions is that we have attendees from many diverse backgrounds, locations, and ages. The diversity brings a good mix in terms of knowledge and experiences to the sessions.

Why I recommend Managing Sight Loss sessions

I would highly recommend Managing Sight Loss sessions to blind and partially sighted people, their friends, and families. I also think that many professionals could also really benefit from the information that is shared at the sessions. Jonathan, who coordinates and hosts most of the sessions has a wealth of knowledge about sight loss and is always able to give advice and signpost attendees towards more information.

That’s all for now, catch you all at the next round of MSL sessions!


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