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Managing Sight Loss sessions helped me learn new skills

Managing Sight Loss sessions helped me learn new skills, even after seventeen years of being blind

I lost my sight in 2003 and struggled to find all the help and information I then needed to lead a full and independent life, never mind the new skills I would need to learn. It took many months – in fact, nearly two years – to pull together all the information, contacts and support links I needed, not to mention a lot of frustration along the way.

Now, some seventeen years later, I felt fairly well informed but had begun to realise how much had changed, mostly for the better, over the years and that I was out of date. So, I asked to participate in London Vision’s new series of virtual/phone sessions of the Managing Sight Loss course to refresh and learn new skills.

How to access Managing Sight Loss sessions

They are available free on Zoom, accessible for anyone with a computer, smartphone or just a landline. Plus, there is a wide range of dates and time slots for the one-hour sessions – meaning I could get to participate in nearly all of them, and I was so glad I did!

The Managing Sight Loss course offers a variety of distinct sessions, each lasting just over an hour. The sessions focus on different topics and learning new skills such as:

During each of these friendly, informal, and small group sessions there was time to ask questions, chat with others and share experiences and ideas. I learnt so much, both from the presentations and talks and from the other participants, greatly enjoying the open and helpful atmosphere. Even friends and family are welcome to join in.

On top of all the helpful and informative chat and details you also get a comprehensive summary of every key fact and useful contact as a follow up email after each session. Nothing is left out and you don’t have to rely on memory or hastily written notes.

Whether you are new to sight loss or an old hand like me, participating in these sessions is a great way to improve how you manage your sight loss to the best of your ability.

Joining is easy, just call on 020 3761 3651 or e-mail

Written by Robin Davies, West London.

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