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London Sight Loss Council – June highlights

What’s been going on?

The London Sight Loss Council (LSLC) has been working on several different projects and events throughout June 2021.

National Volunteers’ Week

The month started with Volunteers’ Week, from the 1st to 7th June. London Sight Loss Council member Charmaine Ashpole shared her own volunteering story, at the start of National Volunteers’ Week. It explored how she came to volunteering after becoming disabled in 2018. You can find it here.

The London Sight Loss Council hosted a Meet the London Sight Loss Council event on 7th June. The event was a great opportunity to learn more about the LSLC. It was a chance to meet the volunteers who make up the Council, learn more about their work so far, and about how they intend to advocate on behalf of Londoners who are blind or partially sighted.

The LSLC welcomed 13 attendees to the event. Participants asked questions of the LSLC, shared their own views on issues impacting blind and partially sighted Londoners, and contributed many ideas on how the LSLC could engage with stakeholders in the capital. Topics discussed ranged from the shared lived experience and challenges pre and post COVID to how the LSLC could engage with Londoners locally who are blind or partially sighted.

Since the group’s inception in January members have been attending local meetings/forums/events or sitting on steering and lobby groups. The LSLC has been developing and building networks with decision makers and influencers across the capital.

The LSLC members are keen to engage more to help develop and shape the work of the council to effect positive change for Londoners who are blind or partially sighted.  You can find out about the members of the London Sight Loss Council here. If you would like to get in touch with the LSLC members, email:


London Sight Loss Council: open letter on rental e-scooter trials

The LSLC drafted an open letter to TFL and e-scooter operators in response to the rental e-scooter trials that began at the beginning of June. This letter outlines the concerns of people who are blind or partially sighted about the trials in London, and recommendations for improving the trials’ safety. The London Sight Loss Council met on 23 June and invited the e-scooter trial operators, Transport for London, and a Police Sergeant representative from the Cycle Safety Team of the Metropolitan Police to attend and give feedback on the letter. The LSLC hopes that continuing engagement with operators, TfL and Councils will help push for the integration of more safety features that can keep pedestrians safe, as well as riders.

Additionally, London Sight Loss Council member Haren Thillainathan was interviewed by the SW Londoner about the ongoing rental trials. You can find the article here:

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