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London mayoral manifestos have greater focus on statues and drugs than disabled people

The manifestos from London’s mayoral candidates have a greater focus on statues and drugs than disabled people, according to research just revealed by London Vision. 

The sight loss charity reviewed all manifestos (where these have been released) by mayoral candidates. Despite 1.2 million disabled people* living in the city, only four of the twenty candidates running in London’s mayoral elections having policies relating to people with disability – compared to six that outlined detailed policies on statues and cannabis. 

CEO of London Vision, Cathy Low, said: “It is shocking that only four of the twenty candidates in the mayoral race have made any reference to policies designed to help achieve equal access for people with disabilities. 

“In fact, it is more likely that a candidate will have a formed policy relating to cannabis (legalisation or otherwise) or to the capital’s statues than one that addresses or proposes solutions to the inequality faced by Londoners with disabilities.  We are not detracting from the issues around drug use or the ethical implications of some historic statues but to have such a low representation on disability in the manifestos when it affects such a large number of Londoners is disproportionate and does not reflect the needs of many people living in the capital.” 

See the full report and breakdown here and the candidate matrix here.  

London Vision would like to see how the candidates plan to make the capital a fairer and more inclusive city for disabled people. 

Cathy added: “Only 17% of disabled people are born with their disability, and anyone can acquire a disability. An accessible and more equal London benefits everyone and creates a more sustainable London for the future.



*According to research conducted by Transport for All, there are 1.2 million disabled Londoners.


For further information or images please contact: Rosalind Duignan-Pearson, London Vision,  0203 761 3651 or 07974 578 637. 


Editors’ notes

About London Vision

Our vision is a society and capital city where blind and partially sighted people can participate fully.

Our mission is to make London more equal and inclusive so that people who are blind and partially sighted can advantage of all that the UK’s capital city has to offer.

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