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Blind and partially sighted Londoners needed for new London Sight Loss Council

London Vision is calling blind and partially sighted Londoners to join a soon-to-be-launched London Sight Loss Council to effect positive change in the capital.

The London Sight Loss Council will be led by blind and partially sighted volunteers and facilitated by London Vision with funding from Thomas Pocklington Trust and the Vision Foundation. It forms part of a national network of Sight Loss Councils, which advocate the needs of blind and partially sighted people and influence positive change.

The establishment of a volunteer-led London Sight Loss Council will empower blind and partially sighted people across the capital to tackle inequality, challenge decision makers and achieve lasting change.

In addition to funding from Thomas Pocklington Trust, the Vision Foundation is providing a grant to London Vision to establish the new body and support the first year of this important project.

The Sight Loss Council will be complemented by a network of virtual Engagement Champions who will feed into the Council. They will connect and respond to localised issues and casework such as access to hospitals, issues of the built environment, local infrastructure, and sight loss rehabilitation services in different boroughs.

The London Sight Loss Council will also engage with London specific bodies such as Transport for London and the Greater London Authority, and will address the ongoing impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on blind and partially sighted people in the capital.

The work of the London Sight Loss Council will ensure the voices and experiences of blind and partially sighted people impacted by the pandemic inform changes in policy and practice for the future.

Cathy Low, CEO of London Vision said: “The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in blind and partially sighted people in London facing disproportionate challenges when trying to access frontline services – services which were already subject to delays prior to the advent of COVID-19. The London Sight Loss Council will challenge these issues and work with public and corporate bodies to bring about meaningful change to benefit blind and partially sighted people in the capital”.

Judith Brodie, interim CEO of the Vision Foundation said: “We are proud to support this project, which will provide a much-needed platform for blind and partially sighted people in our capital. Now, more than ever before, it is essential that we work together and focus on preventing the advances of the past two decades being rolled back by responses to the pandemic.”

Emma Hughes, Director of Services at Thomas Pocklington Trust, said: “We have a developed a successful model for engagement and self-advocacy across the country through our Sight Loss Councils that influence real change within communities. We are pleased to see this adopted for the capital and we thank the Vision Foundation for the additional contribution it has made to get this off the ground.”

More information about the London Sight Loss Council, including information on how to apply to join can be found at


For more information about London Vision please contact us on: or 0203 761 3651

For further information or images please contact: Rosalind Duignan-Pearson, London Vision, 0203 761 3651 or 07974 578 637.

About London Vision

Our vision is a society and capital city where blind and partially sighted people can participate fully.
Our mission is to make London more equal and inclusive so that people who are blind and partially sighted can advantage of all that the UK’s capital city has to offer.

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About the Vision Foundation

The Vision Foundation transforms the lives of people facing or living with sight loss by funding projects that inform, empower and include.

Being blind or partially sighted shouldn’t mean you’re left out, isolated or held back. But too many people are. That’s why we amplify the voices of blind and partially sighted people, and inspire others to advocate and take action.

Our mission is to make London a shining example of a sight loss aware city.

About Thomas Pocklington Trust

Thomas Pocklington Trust is a national charity dedicated to enabling and empowering blind and partially sighted people of all ages to live the life they want to lead.

We are committed to increasing awareness and understanding of the needs and aspirations of people with sight loss and to working with partners to develop and implement services which meet these needs and improve lives. This includes:

  • Acting as an advocate and positive change agent for blind and partially sighted people
  • Creating opportunities for blind and partially sighted people seeking employment
  • Enabling opportunities for blind and partially sighted people entering education
  • Facilitating the voice and encouraging self-determination of blind and partially sighted people.

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