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Anker Lightning cables for iPhone

If you have ever received a new iPhone or iPad, you will know that as well as the phone itself, you get a charging plug and a charging cable with it. This cable has a lightning plug on one end that goes into the iPhone or iPad and a USB plug that connects to the charger.

The cable is only one metre long and it is quite thin. Many people find that after a while, this cable can break or become frayed. At the time of writing, it costs £19 from the Apple Store if you want to replace it. Fortunately, there are a number of alternative cables which are longer than the one supplied by Apple, yet they are often less expensive.

One of my favourite cables is made by Anker which is one of the better-known suppliers of accessories for apple devices on Amazon. They sell a range of iPhone charging cables which are made from braided nylon. They feel like the mains lead you would find on a steam iron, and they have high quality metal plugs on each end.

The lightning cable pointed to by the following link is 1.8 metres long, It is considerably stronger and better made than the cables that come with the iPhone and iPad, yet, at the time of writing, it is less than half the price. It costs £7.49. This cable does not come with a charging plug, but there are lots of devices available that plug into the mains that have USB sockets for powering mobile devices if this is also required.

For more info on the Anker lightning cable reviewed here visit this link.

By Graham Page, February 2020

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