London Vision works with others in the sector to influence positive change in the capital to move closer to an accessible and inclusive capital. London Vision maintains good relationships with the Department for Transport, Transport for London and local authorities, and is frequently consulted around changes and improvements in transport provision.


E Scooters:

Much of London Vision’s campaigning and engagement work in 2020 has focussed on e scooters. Over the past year, London Vision has engaged with and responded to government consultations on the subject to produce key asks for e-scooter rental companies and for the local authorities planning on introducing them.

You can read a number of these responses below:

Read London Vision’s response to TfL’s announcement about introducing e-scooter trials in spring 2021 (18 November 2020)

Advice for e-scooter operators participating in rental e-scooter trials (24 July 2020)

Advice for local authorities considering hosting e-scooter trials (24 July 2020)

Read London Vision's response to the Department for Transport’s consultation on e-scooters (3 July 2020)