London Vision works with others in the sector to influence positive change in the health sector in London. London Vision maintains good relationships Trusts such as Moorfields Eye Hospital, Whipps Cross and others, and is frequently consulted around changes and improvements in, especially around redevelopment of sites.

Moorfields Eye Hospital:

Bhavini Makwana represents London Vison on the Moorfields ORIEL Advisory Group panel as well as the Partners Forum, consulting on the project to move Moorfields Eye Hospital to the new site.

London Vision has a hosted a number of consultations on the ORIEL project, ensuring that the needs and views of blind and partially sighted patients are represented.

Bhavini also sits on Moorfields Eye Hospital’s Sight Loss Awareness group. As part of this group she champions patient experiences and accessible communication. In collaboration with this group, Bhavini produced the EYES strategy, to encourage patient-first communication. 

Find the EYES mnemonic below.

The colour of the background is white, but there is a graphic eye image in light grey that forms a large part of the background. The eye is a very simple design, consisting of a round grey circle in the middle, representing the pupil. There is a white circle around the grey pupil, which represents the iris, then surrounding that is a grey oval shape which comes to a point on the left and right hand side (sort of how an American football is shaped), suggesting how an open human eye looks. This forms the background of the poster, but it’s quite a light grey, so does not detract from the text which overlaid.   At the top of the image, under the top teal line it says:  “Have you remembered your EYES?” This text is Arial pt 73 so quite large.   Under that is: “Engage: engage with the patient, don’t walk off, introduce yourself and offer an arm   You: you need to remember, talk to the patient, treat as YOU and not just an eye  Empathy: be empathetic, ask if they would like to speak to Friends of Moorfields or an ECLO; ask how they are coping with or managing their condition  Simple: use simple language, is an interpreter required? Have they understood diagnosis? Remember to check their preferred format”  This text is Arial pt 35; so half the size of the title text, but still relatively large. There is a double space between each line of text The text is well spaced. This is overlaid on top of the described grey eye image.   At the bottom, above the bottom teal line we have the London Vision and Moorfields logos. The London Vision logo is to the left, and the Moorfields Eye Hospital; NHS Foundation Trust logo is to the right. This Moorfields logo incorporates their own round logo which is like a stylised iris, and is totally round, and also the NHS logo, which features white italic capital letters spelling out NHS, on a blue rectangle. This is to the right of the Moorfields logo.


Whipps Cross Hospital:

London Vision has consulted with blind and partially sighted patients on behalf of Whipps Cross Hospital, to ensure that their needs and views are taken into account as part of the redevelopment of the site.

London Vision has hosted a number of consultations about the redevelopment, ensuring that the needs and views of blind and partially sighted patients are represented.