We are now in 2021, hopefully moving towards a post lockdown future. The London Vision team wants to hear your story and views on moving around in the public post lockdown. We would like to hear about experiences of accessing streets, outdoor public spaces including outdoor seating in restaurants, public transport, e-scooters and much more. These are to mention a few areas and more areas of discussion in relation to accessing and moving around outdoors are welcome in this session.

What you tell us will help to shape London Vision's plans and activity for 2021 and beyond. This might be by campaigning on an issue that impacted on your life or by making changes to the type of information we send you. The more information we have the better we can work towards our mission of supporting blind and partially sighted people living working and studying in London.

You will be able to join by a computer or on the phone. The meeting will be friendly and relaxed and an opportunity to share experiences of 2021 so far. If you raise an issue or a question in the group or want to follow up on something you have heard, we will get in touch. If you would like to tell your story but would rather not participate in the group call, that’s also fine. We will get in touch.

If you would like to join, call us on 0203 761 3651 or email on [email protected] 

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