For the June edition of the Working Age Forum we will be partnering with our friends at the Working Age Macular group and welcoming Professor Pete Coffey, Director of the London Project ‘Cure for Blindness’.

This will be a slight change from our usual agenda theme, however we felt it would be a topic of much interest to our members, and a great opportunity to learn about some of the research currently taking place that hopes to one day cure sight loss.
Professor Coffey is one of the leading research scientists working on finding a cure for Macular Eye Diseases including, among others, Stargardts, Best and Age-related Macular Degeneration. Guests at this event will hear about the most recent developments that have taken place in the fight to find a cure for sight loss. Professor Coffey will give a question and answer session after his presentation. After the session has ended we will head to a local pub, and all attendees are welcome to join.

Please ensure that you RSVP before Thursday 30 May, responses after this time will not be allocated a place at the event.

We can offer assistance from Euston Station upon request. Please ensure you let us know in advance if you would like some support. You can contact us on: [email protected]