Once again it is time for us to look back over the past six months and celebrate what we have achieved.

The WAF Celebrates event is an opportunity for members to take the floor and share their positive experiences and achievements of 2019. As is the usual format for WAF Celebrates, the evening will consist of an hour long open mic session, with each speaker having five minutes to talk about something they are proud of; for instance you may wish to talk about something related to work or sight loss, or perhaps something positive in your family or social life, or maybe you have finally fulfilled a long-held ambition or turned a corner in the development of a particular skill. This will be followed by another hour of refreshments and networking.
Even if you do not have something you wish to share, everyone is welcome to come along and listen to the inspiring stories of other Working Age Forum members and enjoy the refreshments and networking session afterwards.

We can provide assistance from Euston and Euston Square stations to those who request it in advance. To RSVP please email us: [email protected] 

Please ensure you let us know if you are coming no later than Thursday 16 January, this allows us to ensure we have enough support and catering for the event.

If you have any issues on the evening, please contact Liam O’Carroll on:
07970 231 583